At Hemmelrath, new and innovative products and the continuous improvement of existing technologies go hand in hand.

  • Leading manufacturer of waterborne primers

  • Highest quality for customers
  • Continuous adaptation of proven products to process changes
  • Development of technologies and processes in cooperation with leading raw material suppliers
  • Focus on sustainability in new products development process

At the Hemmelrath Technical Center, we can conduct thorough checks of our coating products to ensure their optimum fit for the market requirements.

  • Fast and timely market introduction of newly developed products and product innovations through fast, on-going applicative tests
  • Continuous testing of day-to-day production according to high quality standards
  • Guarantee of smooth, reliable and top quality series production
  • Modern application equipment for the practical simulation of all known coating and process sequences of our customers
  • Focus on efficiency and environmental sustainability

Production technology – MoFa Technology

For the production of a wide variety of coating systems, the latest manufacturing equipment is being used at Hemmelrath. Our modular coatings manufacturing factory, the so-called “MoFa”, sets a new standard for high-tech production equipment in the chemical industry. We can refer to our world-class team and the “MoFa” technology as the global benchmark.

  • High degree of automation and flexibility for the fulfillment of specific customer requirements
  • Creation of new, dynamic value networks through the combination of machine operators, modular production facilities and SPS-systems including real-time information of individual production processes
  • Quick adaptation of production processes to new requirements
  • Central production philosophy of Hemmelrath: Global standardization of the MoFa manufacturing technology
  • Production of various batch sizes (10 kilograms to 40 tons) of eco-friendly waterborne primers, tinting pastes and clear coats
  • High degree of sustainability and eco-friendliness through significant reduction of waste quantities, energy consumption and emissions
  • New benchmark in terms of working and hygiene conditions
  • Advantages through standardization for the scale-up process, production flexibility increase and optimization of production capacity utilization
  • Strong process stability through high level of automation and the use of consistent production parameters and jet stream mixers
  • The use of jet stream mixers prevents sedimentation and air induction during the mixing process

Hemmelrath aims for the highest quality and environmental safety standards with their products and production processes.

  • Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 since 1996
  • Certification according to QS 9000 and VDA 6.1 since 1999
  • Certification according to the comprehensive quality norm of the automotive industry, ISO/TS 16 949 since 2002
  • Successful changeover of quality management system to IATF16949:2016 in 2017
  • Our international locations in the USA, Spain and Brazil have also been certified according to these standards